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Hello, and welcome to Clutter! Clutter is a place for science, scientists and those working in science areas to share their musings and insights.

Why ‘Clutter’? Well, I did a PhD in spider locomotion, and a ‘clutter’ is a collective noun for a group of spiders. A clutter of spiders. In this way, I hope that these pages will play host to a clutter of scientists, and will feature a variety of opinions, thoughts, and advice from those at all stages of their careers.

The format is simple: a post every fortnight, alternating between one from me and one from an honoured guest. The guest posts can be anonymous, for those who really want to rant or who can’t put their name to their thoughts for any reason.

We want to share posts from anyone and everyone – so if you have a sciencey story to tell, please drop us a line at using the contact form or catch me on Twitter @michelleareeve.

Michelle Reeve

Michelle is the host of Clutter, and a recovering spider scientist. She now does a whole bunch of science communication things, and still regularly wrangles arachnids.

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